... I love the work you do!  And I am glad that when you come by my office, someone new learns about you and becomes a customer.  Bev, you are the best!   Jamie Chapogus   - Edward Jones financial advisor

... If you think your special dress can't fit perfectly, you haven't worked with Beverley! She decided what needed to be done and did it, very reasonably! Always in a kind and calm manner, also! I'm thrilled!  Carol L Ritz

... So I was one of those Mom's that has a closet full of black and white, yoga attire and outdated clothes. Bev came to the rescue - took one look and said "You need some color in here". She offered creative ways to utilize the items I had in the closet and showed me ways to accessorize and organize. Thank you Bev for sharing your unique style. My closet is beginning to pop with color!  Janie DeTray - DO TERRA Essential Oils

... I feel very grateful to have found Beverley! I am in a wedding in a few weeks and needed alterations to my bridesmaid dress. Instead of driving all the way back to Boynton Beach, I reached out to Beverly. She is so sweet and professional and to say she got the alterations done in a timely manner is an understatement. The work she did on my dress was phenomenal... you cannot even tell it was altered! I took my boys suits to her as well for the wedding and they were done in just a few days. And her prices are extremely fair. I will recommend her time and time again! If you want it done, and done right, call her!  Joslin Winters

... I am so grateful for Bev's talents. She has done things from simple alterations to years ago she altered my daughter's First Communion dress that was two sizes too big! When completed, it looked as if it just came off the rack at the store. It was perfect. Bev is timely in all she does and her prices are so reasonable. I know many in our community are grateful for her talents both with the alterations but also in all she does to give back to the community! Thank you Bev!

Christina McIntosh - Pampered Chef

...This was my first Fashion Exchange Party and OMG!!! I am so glad I went. The Versa Vests and Versa Shrugs are every girls best friend!! So many ways to wear them. Beverley you are a genius!!! I also scored some cute capri pants, a jumper and cover up dress at the exchange. All just in time for my vacation of fun, sun and beach in Jamaica next week. I am now and forever a Fashion Exchange Roadie!! Where is the next stop on the tour Beverley!!! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!!! Ladies, do yourself a favor and visit one of Beverley's Fashion Exchange parties, you will thank yourself and her!!! :-)  Faith James - Legal Shield

... From her alterations and her great Versa Vests which I have several in my wardrobe!!!!!!! LOVE THEM. :-) Bev is a true person who really cares about how you look and helps you put your best foot forward. Her Fashion Exchanges are a BLAST, we always have fun and end up with new fashions which is always a good time! So if you really don't know she IS the Sew and Sew YOU need to know. Bev is just awesome! Robin Hall - Out2 Martin and St.Lucie County

...Thank you Beverley for your mad skills. You make alterations so easy, convenient and economical. Thanks for being the only and last sew and sew that I need to know!!!

​​Beverley did an amazing wardrobe makeover with me. I had a lot of miscellaneous clothing and she created numerous outfits, and really open my eyes to what could work together. I never would have thought of the mixes she did. Plus she was honest with me about items that didn't fit well or were outdated which I really appreciated. The outfits all looked good and felt good when I put them on, they felt like me. Now when I purchase something new I think of Beverley and how she might put it together with things I already have. No more "miscellaneous"! Investing the short time with her was so worth it!

Thank you Beverley!  Bonnie  Edson