​​Who needs a Wardrobe Makeover?   

​* Women who want to look and feel confident in their         clothes,  whatever their size.

* Anyone who is getting ready to move, it's the perfect time to streamline your wardrobe for easy wear.

​* The busy working person who wants to get up and go.

 I can double the outfits you already have by spending two hours in your closet with you. I coordinate, update ,organize, customize and accessorize your clothes, advising you on the garments to consign,  donate, or bring to a               "Fashion Exchange Party", giving you tips on streamlining your closet for easy wear. I can take your wardrobe from         "Boring to Adoring" and dress you for success.

Wardrobe Makeover price is 2 hours for $150.            

Each additional  hour is $70

​Complimentary gift is included.

​Ask me about "The Bundle" & referral thank-you's


  • Alterations  for women and men's clothing including bridal and formal wear.
  • Wardrobe Makeovers.
  • Interior Décor.
  • Flexible hours.
  • Office or home visits for the busy business person or aging client.

Wardrobe Makeovers -  a GREEN secret of Style



  • Hem. $12
  • Hem with cuff. $18
  • Hem lined. $20
  • Hem lined with cuff. $25
  • Waist. Basic. $15
  • Jean waist. $15

Skirts / Dresses

  • Hem regular. $18
  • Hem lined. $25
  • Taper waist. $15
  • Taper sides lined. $18


  • Shorten sleeves lined. $30
  • Taper back or sides lined. $ 25


  • Regular. $15
  • Lined. $20
  • Blind.  $20

Price List

As Appearance is Everything...                                      You never get a second chance to make a first impression. With 30 years as an experienced Seamstress, Fashion Consultant,  Designer, Coordinator, partnering with businesses and charities. I streamline your wardrobe and lifestyle, building your confidence in an Eco-friendly way.     Taking you from the boardroom to the beach                       and from Drab to Fab with fast, excellent service.

All listed prices are subject to change without notice.